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These are the main characters of CardCaptors




Sakura is an energetic girl, her friends call a "very talented and likeable girl" who can almost do anything possible. One day, she hears a noise in the basement, finds the Clow book, opens it, releasing the cards in the world. The guardian of the book, Kero, makes her the Cardcaptor and the adventure begins. She has her best friend Madison (Tomoyo) make all of the costumes she wears to capture cards and also videotape all of her adventures.

Japanese Name: Kinomoto Sakura
Chinese Name: Siew Ying
Birthday: April 1
Blood Type: A
Age: 10
Eyes: Emerald
Hair Color: Brown
Grade: Fourth
School: Reedington/Tomoeda Elementary
Family: Father, Aiden; Older brother, Tori; Mother, Natasha (deceased)
Relatives: Cousin, Madison
Favorite Flower: Cherry Blossoms (Sakura)
Favorite Colors: Red, Pink, White
Favorite Foods: Rice Omelets, Noodles
Least Favorite Food: Konnyaku, Taro Root
Favorite Recipe: Pancakes
Favorite Classes: Gym, Music
Least Favorite Class: Math
Clubs: Cheerleading
Hobbies: Swimming, Skating, Soccer, Gymnastics, Twirling
Biggest Fear: Ghosts
Wish List: A new school bag
First Appearance: Sakura's Rival; Sakura and the Mysterious Book

Sakura's Key of Clow:
Key of Clow
Power of Magic
Power of Light
Surrender the Wand
The Force Ignite


Meilin moved from Hong Kong to help Li capture cards (even though she doesn't actually have magical powers, she has helped Li & Sakura capture a couple of cards), but all Li thinks is that "she gets in the way" (from Meilin's Story). Meilin, in the first few episodes is a little bossy (especially around Sakura when she's talking to Li, she thinks Sakura's trying to "steal" Li...not really!), but when the series progresses, she slowly mellows down. Meilin is a fighter like Li, she also has been training since she was very young. She uses that training to capture The Fight and Twin cards. She also has helped capture a few other cards too, like the Maze and Cloud card (without any fighting skills).
Name: Meiling Li (Meilin Rae)
Birthday: March 15
Bloodtype: B
Favorite Subjects: music, P.E
Least Favorite Subjects: Language
Activities: soccer
Favorite Colors: Red and yellow
Favorite Flower: Lotus flower
Best Friend: Syaoran and Sakura
Favorite Recipe: has no ability


Julian is in the same class as Tori (and his best friend of course). He is also a very kind person to everyone who knows him and who is willing to help out wherever he can. He is also a big eater (even though it doesn't look like he does at first - but of course he's not eating for one!). I'll have more on him (when I can think of anything else to add).
Name: Yukito Tsukisiro (Julian Star)
Birthday: December 25
Bloodtype: AB
Favorite Subjects: math
Least Favorite Subjects: none
Activities: none
Favorite Colors: white
Favorite Flower: primrose
Best Friend: Touya
Favorite Recipe: curry stew


Li is Sakura's rival in capturing Clow Cards. In the first few episodes, Li thinks that Sakura "doesn't have a clue about capturing cards" (but she slowly gains his trust and he helps her out in later episodes). Li is a direct descedent of Clow Reed (creator of the cards). He is also a trained fighter, he has been training since he was very young. He uses two things to capture / use Clow Cards: the first thing is a sword (which he also uses not only to call upon the powers of the elements, eg. Wind, Fire, etc. but uses it to call upon his cards he collected), and the second thing is a Lasin Board (which he uses to find Clow cards nearby).
Japanese Name: Li Syaoran
Chinese Name: Li Xiao-Lang
Birthday: July 13
Blood Type: O
Age: 10
Eyes: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Grade: Fourth
School: Reedington/Tomoeda Elementary
Moved From: Hong Kong, China
Family: Mother, Yelan; Four older sisters, Futeie, Huanren, Hueimei, Shiehua
Relatives: Cousin, Meilin
Favorite Flower: Peony
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Foods: Dim Sum, Chocolate
Least Favorite Foods: Konnyaku, Yam Jelly
Favorite Recipe: None
Favorite Classes: Gym, Math
Least Favorite Class: Japanese
Clubs: None
Wish list: Magic book written by Clow Reed
First Appearance: Sakura's Rival; Sakura's First Challenge As A Thief!?

Li's Incantation:
Sources of light
With ancient spin
Send forth the magic power within
Oracles of gold, wind, water and electricity
Force, know my plight
Release the light!
(Card Using in Battle)
Release and Dispell!



Tori is Sakura's older brother. He teases her, calling her "little squirt" and also bugs her to death. He got tricked by the Mirror card, and broke his foot (the Mirror card looked like Sakura, but he had a "sixth sense" and sensed that that was not his sister - he thought it was a "lost spirit" looking for it's way home). Speaking of "sixth senses," Tori has a way of seeing into the "spirit world" where he occassionally talks to his mother (they both lost their mother when Sakura was 3). In almost every episode, he is slowly starting to figure out what Sakura's been up to lately (he's almost got Kero figured out as not being only a "stuffed animal"). He rides his bike to school with his friend, Julian, with Sakura tagging along (at a very fast pace on her rollerblades!).

Name: Toya Kinomoto (Tory Avalon)
Birthday: February 29
Bloodtype: O
Favorite Subjects: chemistry
Least Favorite Subjects: none
Activities: Soccer
Favorite Colors: blue
Favorite Flower: peach blossoms
Best Friend: Yukito
Favorite Recipe: omelette


Kero is the guardian of the Clow Cards. He "accidentally" took a 30 year long nap and was unaware that Sakura, when she opened the book, scattered all of the cards and so, he was unable to stop her. He in turn, made Sakura the Cardcaptor. For the moment, he is stuck in the form of a "flying stuffed animal" (but a cute one at that!), until all of the 4 Element cards are captured, then he returns to his normal self (the winged lion on the front cover of the book). He loves to play video games, and his biggest weakness is food. Anywhere in the series, you can usually see Kero stuffing himself silly (when he's not out there w/ Sakura capturing Clow Cards, of course *wink*).
Name: Keroberos or Cerberus
Nickname: Kero-chan
Birthday: ???
Fave food: anything sweet! (especially pudding)
Least Fave food: anything that isn't sweet
Loves to: eat and play video games
Least fave person: Li Syaoran
Fave flower: Sunflower
Wish list: More games
Source of Power: the Sun
Powers: Flying, Fire-breathing, and can sense the presence of Clow Cards or people.


Madison, not only is she Sakura's best friend, but a very close follower of Sakura's adventures. Madison is an expert seamstress (she makes all of the battle costumes for Sakura - which magically fit everytime!) *Thanks to Mike for this information*. Plus she is an avid photographer too (she tapes all of the card captures - plus any chance she can get of Sakura, she finds that it's "very cute!"). Madison is very, very talented (she sings, she sews, etc.) for her age.
English name: Madison Taylor
Age: 10
Birthday: September 3
Blood type: A
Fave class: Music and Japanese
Least fave class: none
Club/s: Choir
Fave color: Beige and White
Fave flower: Magnolia and Cherry Blossom
Fave food: Soba noodles and sushi
Least fave food: Green pepper
Good at cooking: Italian
Wish List: Video equipment

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