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'Cardcaptors' is the so called American dub of the anime series initially called Cardcaptor Sakura.

Card Captor Sakura was one of CLAMP's most popular manga and later, anime series. It started on 07 April 1998 in Japan, which gained popularity in a blast, thus a full-length movie was released on summer 1999. A new series followed shortly and after the second series, another movie was released in July 2000. For movie information, please see the movie outlines. Card Captor Sakura has a total of 70 episodes.

A company called NELVANA brought this original Japanese series into North America. It is said that Nelvana literally ruined or 'butchered' Cardcaptor Sakura to create this atrocious dub. This is partially true because they were many changes made such as in names, voices, music and episodes and at least 5  minutes of footage were cut from each episode making the storyline absolutely senseless. To make things worse Nelvana started to air Cardcaptors from its eighth episode- 'Sakura's Rival'. Half of the people didn't even understand what was going on in the show. In a nutshell Cardcaptors was created to attract the male audience.

Card Captor Sakura was about a 10 year old girl named Sakura Avalon (Kinomoto) who had her normal life going through with her father and brother, until one day she noticed something in her father's study room. Curious, she went to see what it is and found a strange book. Without thinking twice, she opened it and read the word written in a card aloud, "Windy" and suddenly the wind blew  and all the other cards were blown away, too, out of the house. There she met  Kero (Kerberos) a cute winged creature who proclaimed  her as the new card captor, and that is where her mission began: to capture all the magical cards called the 'Clow Cards' before any of them do anything that will harm the city and the people. Not only was she was able to capture all the clow cards, but also transformed them into Sakura Cards. Thus she undergoes a magical quest in the path to become the true master of the Clow Cards. During her quest she was helped by her friends Madison (Tomoyo), Meilin (Meiling) and the other cardcaptor- Li (Syaoran). 



Card Captor Facts
Japanese Name: Card Captor Sakura
English Name: CardCaptors
Director: Akitaro Daichi, Morio Asaka
Script: Nanase Okawa, Jiro Kaneko
Design: CLAMP, Kumiko Takahashi
Lead Animation: Kumiko Takahashi
Music: Takayuki Negishi
Production: Madhouse

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