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This is about how I started this site:
My reasons for starting this site was because I'm a HUGE CardCaptor fan!! it all started 4 years ago, when I started watching cardcaptors and it was the best anime series I've ever seen!!! So I browsed on other CardCaptor sites too more the info and stuff. When I started m new lil dog site in geocities and tripod, I wondered, well, I could even start a new CardCaptor site since I like them too!! Well, I'm still not that good with all the html stuff and all, but this site will be much better soon!! My site still has to improve, but I'm still gonna keep the CardCaptor pride alive!! :)

PS: By the way, i could add a LOT of stuff into my site, but the only problem at the moment is that my images are all .bmp style not .jpg or .jpeg and stuff. Please help! If you have any suggestions to how to change or something please e-mail  me! thanx that'll be great!:D


Hope you enjoyed mt site! more coming ur way soon!!:)